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Quality Control

Precision Machined Plastic Parts
Precision Machined Plastic Parts
CKI is dedicated to providing only the highest quality products.  We maintain a quality control system in compliance with ISO 9001 : AS9100 standards, as well as a MIL-I-45208A quality manual.  It is a program that is closely monitored while being continuously improved and updated.  Full document quality systems are in place and available for review at any time.

Our quality programs are also driven by our customers' requirements and expectations.  We offer a full range of inspection and testing services, sample plans, certificates of compliance and mil-certification and documentation as required.

  • Approved supplier to most aerospace contractors
  • CAD/CAM systems accepting most file formats
  • Environmentally controlled machining for tight tolerance and cleanliness
  • Material is certified and lot traceable
  • Fully integrated production management travelers for each process step
  • Source Inspection capable and dock to stock capable
  • 1st article, in-process and final inspection on all parts